There are a wide number of dating apps around the world, but only Tinder became successful. Do you know the reason for its success? The primary reason why tinder is able to attract users around the globe is because of its simple yet attractive features. Due to distinct features along with the highly-interactive UI UX, millions of users are getting attracted to this dating app. Now here is the key point. We can give you the dating app with exact features like tinder even more. So if you are ready to start a new way to find love online then let us help you with our technically advanced team.

Exciting Features That You Will Get In Our Solution.

Mobile applications are supposed to make life easy for users. And the case is not different with dating application development. Our UI/UX designers
keep looking for the best way to impress users. The features of our custom and White label solutions to look out for are :

Easy Login

Our App allows you to sign-up using your Facebook ID/ Google ID or using your Phone number. You can just login using Facebook or Google, and the app will automatically fetch the data from the relevant platform. Hence, you don’t need to go through the long process of entering all of your profile details.

User Profile

The user profile allows you to view details such as profile pictures, birth-date, where you work, and various other things. After this, you have an option to update your profile by integrating a brief description or tag.


Accessibility is very much essential. The app provides contacts as per the location of the user. Geolocation is highly crucial for the app’s overall functionality as the app has to fetch contacts depending on the location of the user continuously.


One of the best features of our app is that it enables you to adjust the search by filtering depending on age, sex, and distance. However, in a free version, you can set the geographic parameters up to 10 miles only.


Out of all the features, Swipe is the most important. The app has included it to categorize the candidates. In the beginning, the list of potential matches depends on the geographical location, the total number of mutual friends, and their basic interests. You can swipe right to like someone and left to reject someone.


The most essential feature of a dating app is the match. A match is required for a user to start a chat. This happens only when both the users swipe right to each other.


One of the best features is chatting. After finding a match, you can immediately start a private conversation with the other person by chatting. Using this basic chat feature, a user can’t only type, but also send and view their messages.

Push Notification

Push notifications are one of the most crucial features of the Tinder app. Because they are well-known, engaging, and necessary to provide regular returns to the dating app. They notify you whenever you get a new message, like or a match.

Boost Yourself

It is one of the best-paid features. It allows you to skip the line and appear on the top of the user list. Hence, your profile will be at the top in your geographical region for 30 minutes. It improves your chances of a match, and you will get 10 times more profile views by boosting it.

Unlimited Right Swipes

One of the best-paid features is unlimited right swipes. In the free version of the dating app, you will have a limit on the total number of swipes per day. But when you opt for the paid version, you get an option for unlimited swipes.

Hide Details

This feature is highly beneficial when you are switching to a distant place. For instance, if you want to swipe to the next vacation destination; however, you don’t want other users to swipe left as they will be able to view the real distance or age displayed on your profile.

Control whom you see

This is a standard-setting available for free users of the dating app. It displays profiles depending on different factors, mainly depending on your and their ELO score and how lately they were active.

Control who sees you

This is a standard-setting in which your profile is shown based on the score, which is determined by our app’s algorithm. Nobody will be able to view your profile unless you like them first.

Who likes You.

It is the most innovative app feature, which allows you to know in advance who likes you even before you start swiping. Moreover, it will enable you to view all your likes on the screen in the form of a gallery and check if they like you back. You can get this feature in the paid plan only.

Block User

There are times when you find someone irritating, and you don’t want to talk with a person. For this, our app provides a feature to block any person. Please note that after you block someone, you will not be able to unblock them.

Personal Security

Personal security is a feature that is released to protect all LGBTQ+ users, who are visiting different nations regularly. It defends users against all the countries that don’t allow same-sex acts or relationships. Therefore, profiles of all the users who are identified on the app as a gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, or queer will not appear on Tinder when they will reach any of the prohibited regions.

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