Taxi Booking App Development

We develop taxi booking applications to bridge the gap between passengers and taxi-drivers on your demands and needs. With on-demand taxi booking app development, you can easily manage your Taxi business and reduce business pressure. Taxi booking app development by our expert developer will help you automate everything from cab bookings and payments to the total number of drivers and taxis, and generating reports. Won’t that take so much pressure off of you?

How Do We Work?

First, we’ll ask you about your Taxi business and how you want to make it look like. Because if you are clear about your goal, we’ll definitely solve your problem more conveniently.

Second, we understand the requirements. We do complete research and only then we finalize the framework.

Third, we make UX/UI design on your demand if you have a clear picture of design in your mind otherwise we create a theme whichever suits the best for your business culture. Then we send design for your approval. After finalizing the theme we move towards our next step.

Features That You Will Get.

Admin Panel

An extensive admin dashboard will allow you to set up fares, commission, check active and total drivers, check the trip history and details of each driver, check earnings for that day or the past, generate reports and invoices. It helps you run your business smoothly.

Also, Admin can

1. Assign manual trips to clients.
2. Manage fare on basis of per hour, day, and commission.
3. Check feedbacks by the users to improve the business.
4. Block any driver or client any time
5. Generate reports about turnover and many other aspects.

Driver's Application

The driver can see the various information about his/her past trips, upcoming trips, total earnings, number of hours he was online, and other such details. He/she can also see the reviews he/she got from the clients.

Some other interesting features a driver has are as follow.

1. A driver can list more than one vehicle.
2. GPS and map integration for a smooth ride.
3. instant notification about booking.
4. The driver can see the ratings gotten from riders.
5. The driver can set his own destination and if a rider wants to go to that destination driver will get a notification.

Client’s Application

The client or the rider can register via social modes like Facebook or Gmail. The client has the option to add his card details in the app. The rider can check the location of his ride and the driver. He/she will have access to live location while traveling. He can search through many cabs options.

Some other interesting features are as follows.

1. extra features like if you have more luggage or carrying a child.
2. Save the destination to avoid re-filling again and again.
3. Advance booking.
4. Add multiple stops.
5. Check ETA and ride status.
6. Calculate fare precisely.

Help People Reach Their Destinations.


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